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Machine Safety

With everything out there that can make you sick, you shouldn't take any chances with your choice of Espresso Machine.
Why is LatteMaestro the safer choice? It's simple:

Safety of the Espresso Machine

• Recent studies have shown that germs such as E.Coli can survive longer on stainless steel than on copper and brass.

• Copper was used by the ancient Romans, Egyptians and Aztecs to prevent wounds from becoming infected.

• In modern times, copper is used in such things as surgical instruments and dental hygiene products because of its sanitary properties.

• LatteMaestro Espresso machines are made with copper and brass.

• Other Espresso machines on the market are made with aluminum and stainless steel.

It seems like every week you hear about products from countries with lax health and safety regulations that are either hurting people or making them sick.

You wont have to worry about that when you choose LatteMaestro.

Did you know?

• Our machines are manufactured entirely in Italy.

• Italy and Western Europe have strict health and safety standards.

• Each machine that you buy directly from LatteMaestro has received health and safety certifications from European regulatory agencies.

• Most other machines are either made in China or from parts produced in countries whose health and safety standards aren't as strict.